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Get Funded Program

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Term Loan Approval Assistance For Business or Individuals

3 Steps For Successful Term Loan Approval

The Get funded program provides 3 steps to build a successful profile for Term Loan approval. If you are looking For a loan to start a business, buy a business or just a loan to resolve personal matters, this is the right place.

The Minimum Credit Score For is 680+  with no more than 35% Debt to Income ratio.

You Also need to have a credit History. ( at Least one credit card for a min of 6 months)

If you do not meet the credit score requirement, Your Credit score can be boost to 700+ within weeks, And get you qualify for an SBA loan.


Your  Last 2 years Tax Returns ( Business or Personal )  should show At Least $50K worth of income over the last 2 years. (Income might come from W2 Salary or distribution income, etc.).

Amount: Up to $300K

Rate: 5% to 15% (Term: 3 months – 10 years)

Approval Speed: 24-48 hrs.

Funding Speed: 7–15 days

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