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  • In-House Personal Credit Plan Geared Towards Improving Your FICO.

  • FICO™ based inquiry buffering.

  • Credit building consultation.

  • Update all personal information.

  • Challenge medical and other collections.

  • Remove unwanted authorized users.

  • Remove unauthorized Credit inquiries.

  • Request validation for all negatively reporting items directly with the creditors.

  • Request 1099-C directly from the creditors (Charge Offs).

  • Buffering credit inquiries made for the same financing purpose, in a short time frame. time frame. Welcome to Get Funded! We are happy to offer you a tailored Credit Repair Consultation USA. If you are looking for a business loan, then rely on us. Our mission at Get Funded is here to improve your credit and assist you in reaching your financial goals. Even if you own a small business, you may surely have a dream to achieve more. We ensure to help you reach the best results as fast as possible. Don’t struggle with having low or poor credit because Get Funded will support you. We understand how this situation will place you in a position where you will unable to achieve your business dreams. So that is why we strive to help you and make your dream come true.
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